... is reducing:

  • Raw materials and CO2 emission
  • Warehouse costs
  • Preparation costs
  • Transportation costs

and in addition you are protecting the environment!

Positive characteristics of Verpalin:

  • Very high strength
  • Less weight by volume
  • Very good welding- and shrink behavior
  • Very good machine running properties
  • In accordance with the German Medicines Act(AMG)

Completely recyclable

With Verpalin you can save between 25%-50% on your expenditure! Resources are sparse and expensive. Our down gauged film helps reduce your warehouse-, preparation-, transport- and recycling costs.

Technical data

  • Type of foil: mono or coex-film
  • Specific weight: 94g/m² at 100 my
  • Possible width: 70mm - 3600mm
  • Possible strength: 10-250 my
  • Friction value: 0,33 (according to DIN 53375)

The applications of Verpalin are almost infinite and every day new ones are added. Do not hesitate to approach us if you want to solve a particular problem...

The price of raw materials will rise. Now is the right time to make use of our down gauged Verpalin film. Everybody will benefit from this: your business will save packaging and warehouse costs. Your customers will save on waste disposal.

We will be more than happy to send you,free of charge of course and without any obligation, a cost comparison sheet. Please talk to our sales representatives.

Main applications

  • Standard-shrink hoods for industrial customers (Down-gauging possibilities from 125 microns to 80 microns and from 150 microns to 100 microns)
  • automation-film
  • packaging in all areas
  • Various manufacturing processes like bags, covers,sacks,rectangular hoods etc.