Verpalin...success by means of : very light, powerful and environment friendly

For our customers we are a dependable, efficient partner and the leading producer of materials used in optimizing quality film. We work passionately and involved, always with the goal, to satisfy in the best and fastest manner, the needs of our customers. For that reason we enhance the success of our business partners, the business world, including ourselves and receive valuable appreciation.

Every day we work our very best to meet customer demands and only agree to what we can really fulfill. We always strive to achieve the best for our customers and our business. That´s why we are constantly working on new ideas and trying to implement improvements. We have a serious consideration for the environment and act accordingly. The sparingly usage of raw materials and prudent usage of equipment helps to reduce the strain/ pollution on the environment and at the same time helps to protect it.

Our Verpalin balloon - symbol of our philosophy

"One thing for sure: a balloon is environment friendly. Simply driven by the wind without blowing noxious fumes into the air. In a balloon one wants to 'fly' without endangering the environment."

Another thing for sure: with our Verpalin film we want to offer a high quality PE-film that is also environment friendly.

With VERPALIN we can help reduce the amount of film usually needed without having to give up on the advantages of strong high quality packaging. We can save energy and valuable raw materials. An advantage to the environment and our customers. Also less storage , freight and wastage costs underline this advantage.

A balloon combines, just like our Verpalin film, light weight and strength and just like the balloon led the path to the airplane, our Verpalin has led to several important innovations.

A balloon consists of many interactive hanging parts, that for us, symbolizes the cooperation with Verpa. The balloon is Verpa,the basket its employees and the fire is the work. The employees operate the burner, the balloon and basket rise. This shows how we need one another and puts the focus on our teamwork. Every employee contributes an important and deciding part so that we can rise, be successful and so elevate us from the competition.

The good view beyond borders enables us to expand our horizon, expand new ideas and to risk and realize new experiments.

The weather conditions are significant- in our case to check the customers expectations and requirements with our qualified expertise to warrant a safe and successful flight!