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29.09. – 01.10. Fachpack - Nürnberg Hall: 7A - 448
10. - 12.11. BrauBeviale - Nürnberg  

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Your Verpalin - Team

New product: Verpalin Wavefilm

Our new Verpalin wavefilm is best suited for being one of the safest  methods for product packaging within the Verpalin family. There are a multitude of applications with high quality protective functions due to the specific form of the waves. The wavefilm protects your product from shock/vibrations and  damage to the edges, serves as an in-between-layer and also for impact noise reduction while having all the excellent properties of Pe-film in general.   We have included here a product overview of the temporarily  projected qualities for the market.

Some of the most important advantages:

Verpalin Wellfolie
  • high protective cushioning
  • very good tear resistancy-
    due to Verpalin-raw materials
  • sound absorbing effect
  • moisture protection
  • nonsensitve to oil and acid
  • fully recyclable(due to 100% PE)
  • also in black for UV protection
  • available fully printed (up to 8 colors)

Download brochure here

New design for Verpa’s web page

WEB Site 2013 web

As of March 20th 2013 the Verpa-group has a new internet presence. Based on the existing company’s brochure the design is structured precise and straightforward.

New exchangeable pallets !

At the beginning of the year we again have actively approached the annoying issue: The trade of used exchangeable pallets that are, unfortunately, in a miserable condition. We have agreed to from now on, in consultation with our main carrier, the Schenker company and our logistics partner, Bussinger transports, to enter only Euro pallets, that are in a mint condition, into the exchange market. Our carriers know not to except or take back pallets that are not in a mint condition. Our truck drivers also know not to except back run-down pallets, then from now on we will only ship our products on pallets that are in a mint condition.

With an initial purchase of 15,000 new pallets, we have launched the system at the beginning of 2013 and are determined to go through with this for the benefit of our customers. Our customers will obviously benefit from this new approach. We would be delighted if you support us. From now on your goods will always be packaged on pallets that are in a mint condition. Please understand that in particular cases we will bill you 6,50€ for non-exchanged pallets. This means you pay less then any Euro pallet released from the market. We would be more than happy, together by mutual agreement, to make this campaign a successful one in 2013.

Thank you.