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Our Principles


We want …

  • to sustainably protect our environment for ourselves and our children
  • to be the most innovative film manufacturer for more sustainability/span>
  • to operate internationally and always remain a Franconian family business
  • to inspire customers with enthusiastic employees
  • employees who actively contribute to the success of the company as co-thinkers



Inspiring customers with inspiring products and enthusiastic employees.
We have to get better and better to be really good!


"A balloon is above all one thing: environmentally friendly. Simply driven by the wind without blowing noxious fumes into the air. In a balloon one wants to 'fly' without endangering the environment."
With our Verpalin film, we want to offer a high-quality PE film that is also environmentally friendly.

With Verpalin, we can help reduce the amount of film usually needed without having to give up on the advantages of strong high-quality packaging. We can save energy and valuable raw materials – an advantage to the environment and our customers. Lower storage costs, lower freight costs and, ultimately, lower disposal fees additionally underline this advantage.

The balloon, like our Verpalin film, combines lightness and performance. Just as the hot air balloon paved the way for the airplane, our Verpalin has also led to further innovations. A balloon consists of many interactive hanging parts that symbolize the Verpa cooperation. The balloon is Verpa, the basket its employees and the fire is our work.

The employees operate the burner and the balloon and basket rise. This shows how we need one another and puts the focus on our teamwork. Every employee contributes an important and deciding part so that we can rise, be successful and stand out from our competitors. The good view beyond borders enables us to expand our horizon, expand new ideas and to risk and carry out new experiments.

It is crucial that you first check the weather conditions - in our case the customer's requirements and wishes - because only they, in addition to our qualified specialist knowledge, warrant a safe and successful flight!